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Paul the Octopus-inspired chair

Remember Paul the Octopus, who had never failed any prediction for the FIFA World Cup 2010 matches? And Paul was said to be a great fortune teller and regarded as the most precious animal kept in Sea Life Aquarium in Germany. Even you’re rich you can’t buy Paul or bring it home.

But never mind, if you can’t bring Paul the Octopus home as you can at least bring this Paul the Octopus-inspired chair home to spice up your home decors, which would also help bring great fortunes. The Octopus Chair was designed by a Spanish artist, Maximo Rier, which is dubbed as a a perfect way to immortalize Paul in your home decor.

The Octopus chair is the first piece of Animal chair collection of the Spanish designer and is available in limited edition. It’s an artistic piece of furniture that combines effort of a team of over 30 professionals and four different companies.

The chair was produced using a CNC milling machine, and each part was assembled, glued, sanded and painted by hand. The collection also has other animal-inspired designs including lion, rhino, beetle, whale, and walrus. No word about the pricing but it should be expensive due to the fame of Paul the Octopus.

via bornrich

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