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Portable head massager combines magnetic therapy and music for perfect soothing

Want the best massaging for your head while you’ve got too much stress from your work or daily life? Here comes a portable massager called the I Dream Soothing Head Massager, which combines magnetic therapy, warm heat, air pressure, vibration and soothing music to give you the best massage to relieve all your stress or headaches.

The portable head massager has built-in speakers and earphones that deliver quality and soothing music. It also comes included with a remote. The device is perfect for those who stay alone having no helping hands to give you nice massage after a hard day of work. It simulates hands of an experienced masseur and you have different choices of acupressure points to achieve your desire effect. Features at a glance are as follows:

• I Dream Soothing Head Massager targets key acupressure points
• Increases relaxation and relieves stress and fatigue
• Air pressure technology in a therapeutic head massager
• Magnetic therapy adds to total massage experience
• Soothing music plays through built in speakers and earphones
• Comes with remote
• Relaxing heat warms and soothes

It runs on 4 AA batteries and is available on SharperImage for $150.

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