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Thermo Mirror: Just look at yourself in the mirror to measure your body temperature

If you’re concerned about whether you’ve eaten too much heaty food that would cause the rise of your body temperature or lead to fever, then you’ll have to always perform a check for it. But it involves a little hassle for having to have a glass mercury stick underneath your tongue or armpit. Furthermore, most of the time you’ll always forget doing it.

Thanks to a Japanese electronic firm, NEC/Avio, for having created the Thermo Mirror, which is a smart mirror that is capable of measuring your body temperature while you’re looking at yourself in front of it.

The Thermo Mirror is definitely handy for most girls who’ll always check their appearance in the mirror a few times a day. And it’ll also let you know your body temperature while you’re checking your appearance. The Thermo Mirror also displays other useful information while it’s not displaying your body temperature, including date, time, humidity, and weather temperature. Everything sounds nice with this Themo Mirror except its expensive price tag that could cost you in about $1,180 to $1,440. But you’ll only be able to get it in Japan.

via coolest-gadgets

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