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TV remote control wrist watch, now you can always have full control for what TV channels to watch

You’d have been in the situations of having to fight for the TV remote control with your spouses, kids or your mama. Once the TV remote control is not in your possession, you’ll have no chance to watch your favorite TV shows. But now there is a little secret, which allows you to always be able to switch to your favorite TV channel or adjust to your desired volume etc, by wearing the TV remote control wrist watch.

Since the TV remote wrist watch is strapped on your wrist, you can always use it to switch to your favorite TV channels and control the TV in front of you. The watch boasts a little retro look but it’s not too far off from those Diesel watches.

The TV remote wristwatch has six buttons on the watch’s bezel which are linked to the essential commands for controlling the television in front of you including volume, power, channel up/down, play/rewind/fast forward. Some more it also allows you to control your DVD player and some other IR-controlled devices.

The TV remote wristwatch comes in a brushed stainless steel finish and is a fully functional timepiece which offers time-telling, alarm, calendar, and chronograph functions. If you want one, you can get it from Hammacher for $100 each.

via gadgetlite

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