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Credit card-sized receipt scanner helps manage your expenses

So, you want to manage your money well? Then you’ll have to keep track of your expenses or even keep those receipts of your expenses, so you can sum them up for how much you’ve spent during end of the day or month. But you’d have experienced that you’d always misplaced those receipts, especially you’re a lazy one who does not carry out the receipt consolidation on daily basis.

In order to make it easy and without any hassle or messiness of having to keep those receipts, you’ll just need to keep a credit card-sized receipt scanner, called the SlimScan SS100, in your wallet. So, while you’ve made a purchase, you just need to scan the receipt and then throw the receipt away without having to keep it.

The SlimScan SS100 is a high-resolution color scanner specially made for scanning receipts and it comes with a Windows program called PaperPort SE which allows users to organize their expenses and receipts one they’ve been transferred to the computer.

The SS100 comes in a stainless steel body and is equipped with a color LCD screen that will show the scanning in progress. The PaperPort SE software is also quite handy, allows you to manage lots of things on your PC including payment, date of expense, location and even setup of different categories for expenses.

Besides scanning receipts, the SS100 scanner is also good for scanning warranties, business cards or even price labels while you wanna compare prices. So, it’s definitely a handy scanner and the small credit card size makes it so easy to be slipped in your wallet while you’re on the go. If you want one, you can grab it from Planon for $120 each.

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