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NEC Avio SX-01 Thermo Mirror

We’ve told you about the Themo Mirror, now we’ve got more details about the temperature measuring mirror. Basically the Thermo Mirror comes in a compact design (like a 7-inch USB monitor) that allows it to be placed on your work desk, so you can always check your appearance anytime you feel like taking a break for your work.

The SX-01 Themo Mirror comes bundled with a contact-free digital thermometer inside, which makes it so handy, allowing you to check for flu symptoms by just looking at yourself in the mirror.

The company behind this Thermo Mirror, NEC Avio, has been making infrared thermography devices for a long time, and supplying those temperature-measuring kits for the airports or seaports during SARS and flu epidemics. Usually the NEC Avio’s contact-free thermometers cost you $6,000 upward but they’ve managed to make it more affordable with their new Thermo Mirror which costs around $1,200 for the entry-level SX-01A.

The Thermo Mirror is able to measure temperature at a single point only, which usually aims at the forehead. And it uses simple light to show your health status such as green for the all-clear and red indicating you’re feverish. There is a more advanced version, SX-01B that is able to pair with external devices or sensors for more accurate measurements.

via slashgear

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