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Ion Audio concert piano with iPad dock

Ion Audio has a new concert piano that comes with an iPad dock, allowing you to dock your iPad on it, so you can use the iPad to play an app which provides you tutorials and guides you through playing your favorite music. The Ion Audio concert piano is blessed with minimalist craftsmanship and has a classic wood grain exterior.

The Ion Audio piano is a digital piano that has 88 keys, which boasts a stylish wood grain finish and has built-in speakers, complete with amplifier to play your favorite tunes.

This concert piano has been designed with space saving in mind for you to easily fit it anywhere in your home. The iPad dock of the piano is handy, so you can dock your iPad on it, and download some music learning apps on your iPad to guide you through your piano-playing sessions. Unfortunately, the company has not yet announced its price but it shouldn’t come cheap.

via Ion Audio geeky-gadgets

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