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emPower! – world’s first electronic focusing eye glasses

People who’re both short-sighted and long-sighted (due to ageing) will need to keep switching between two pairs of glasses, which is one for near objects such as reading and the other is for seeing far objects. But now with the special emPower! eyeglasses you’ll be free from the hassles of having to switch between the two pairs of eyeglasses. The specialty of the emPower! eyeglasses is they use electronic focusing instead of fixed focusing, so you’ll be free from having to take off a pair of glasses and put the other pair on.

The emPower! eyeglasses contain a special LCD-like layer that can be turned on and off to aid with short distance focusing. So, while you want to read a book or see near objects, just turn it on. And when you wanna watch TV or see far objects, then turn it off. It also offers automatic mode which detects when you need it or you can do it in the manual mode by turning it on and off.

The magic lies within the LCD-like layer on the lens which is able to change its molecular stricter when you power it up, thus changing the focusing of the glasses instantly and rapidly.

Everything sounds good with the emPower! eyeglasses but the little problem is you will need to charge it as it needs power. Currently, the PixelOptics emPower! eyeglasses are not available yet but expected to launch in March at the Vision Expo East in New York City. The prices are also unknown at the moment.

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