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Super cute and edible Angry Birds Cake toppers

Fans of Angry Birds, now you can breath and live your life more with Angry Birds. Here are some super cute Angry Birds cake toppers that shall bring your birthday cake much livelier, by being filled with the cute Angry Birds characters. They look super cute which will make you kind of reluctant to swallow the cake that has the edible Angry Birds toppers.

Each Angry Birds topper has been made with great details as if it’s a 3D printed Angry birds using plastic material. But in fact, it’s not, it’s an edible topper.

The fun Angry Birds cake toppers are made by Artisan Cake Company and currently available on Etsy for a price of $115 a set. Each set consists of 24 pieces of edible toppers, including common Angry Birds characters such as Angry Birds team, 5 evil green pigs, nest, egss, rocks Column, etc.

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