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Woman falls into fountain while texting now pursues legal action

It’s dangerous that you’re texting while you’re walking or driving. You’d end up of hurting yourself or risking your life. A woman called Cathy Cruz Marrero had fallen into a mall fountain while she was texting on her mobile phone. Now she has hired a lawyer to pursue legal action as she claims that she didn’t get helping hands from the security guard, instead she was laughed all the way. Watch the clip below!

There are many of us unable to resist the temptation of texting especially while we’re doing something that needs more attention such as walking in the streets, or driving a car. This could really put your life at risk or get you seriously injured. So, it’s best not to text while you’re walking or driving, stop by somewhere if you really have very urgent messages that you must reply.

For a car driver, the DriveSmart Plus app is what you need for your Android handset so you can have your attention on the steering wheels and the app will automatically reply those incoming messages while you’re driving a car. Of course, it allows you to override it in the case that you’re just the passenger instead of the driver.

via techeblog

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