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Weatherproof outdoor HDTV survives 8-hour immersion into 5-feet deep water

Are you planning for the biggest outdoor event of your life that you’d need an HDTV for showing your presentations or promotions outdoor? Ciil Technologies have the right outdoor HDTVs that have been designed to withstand the tortures of weather including water, rain and snow.

The Ciil Technologies weatherproof HDTVs are available in 32 to 55-inches of screen sizes and capable of displaying pictures in full HD 1080p quality. And the whole unit of the HDTV is claimed to be able to withstand up to 8 hours of immersion into 5-feet deep water. It can easily withstand direct pressure washing or rain pour.

The Ciil Technologies’ HDTV comes in dimensions of 42.6 x 24.7 x 6.0 -inch (WxHxD), is fully sealed and weighs 110lbs without the packing. It also has anti reflective and UV protection glass and available in silver and black frame color options.

via thecoolgadgets

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