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FiiL cellphone with tangible user interface, useful for visually impaired

The touchscreen interface of your smartphone is great but the visually impaired can’t use it; although they can touch the touchscreen display but they can’t feel it. Japanese designer Mac Funamizu has proposed a concept cellphone, called FiiL which comes with a touch display that uses tangible user interface or TUI in short. So, when the phone is touched by a user, he or she can feel it as well. The FiiL cellphone makes it handy for those visually impaired allowing them to operate a cell phone as you and me do.

The FiiL cellphone offers TUI which presents a flexible screen interface that makes z-axis movements to form shapes of buttons and switches which allow the users to feel them by touches. While the user touches the touch-sensitive interface of this concept phone, real buttons appear on the screen that they can feel with a gentle push.

via designblog

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