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Irregular heart beat + blood pressure monitor

While you get old your heart beats tend to be irregular. Some more your blood pressure will shoot up as well while you’re under stress such as facing huge piles of work or checking your financial bills. So, you need to have a consistent check on your heart beat and then take actions before it’s too late. Here comes a little handy device called the Irregular heart beat detecting blood pressure monitor which is able to detect heart heart arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

The little heartbeat monitor detects if your heartbeat is 25% faster or lower than its average rhythm, and shows an arrhythmia symbol on its LCD screen while it is. The device uses oscillometric method which has been clinically proven to detect arrhythmia and hypertension, and it requires three consecutive blood pressure readings and averages them to achieve the accuracy. The internal memory is also able to store up to 120 total readings which each is date- and time-stamped. The irregular heart beat monitor is now available on Hammacher for $130 each.

via coolest-gadgets

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