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Ultrasonic chair stays invisible, appears only when you approach it

You’ll probably love to have your home furniture to have more interactivity with you, such as this Ultrasonic chair which stays invisible while you’re away and will become visible only while you approach it. It sounds as if it’s so lively that will glow gradually while you’re approaching it.

The Ultrasonic chair is constructed of only acrylic, LED lights, mirror film, ultrasonic sensors, some electronics and software. It’ll stay quietly in the dark, and will come to “live” when you approach.

Apparently, it does not really stay completely invisible, unless you leave it in the dark such as in your house’s underground basement. It seems like it has the ability to camouflage with the surrounding area, thus make it nearly invisible. But it might frighten a stranger or your visitor off while a chair suddenly glows or appears when the person approaches it.

It’s called Affinity chair, which is deemed to let you explore your relationship with light and space and was crafted by designer Ben Alun-Jones. No info about its price but should be expensive!

via slashgear

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