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Super cute Lego minifigurine alarm clocks

Firebox has got a number of cute Lego mini-figurine alarm clocks freshly arrived. They’re available in the form of mini figurines of your favorite Star Wars characters including Yod, Anakin and also others such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Each alarm clock is a complete figurine that you can move its arms and legs. And they feature the common functions of an alarm clock such as the snooze and backlight functions which can be activated by pushing down the head of each figurine. The Anakin, Yoda, Woody and Buzz Lightyear Lego figurine alarm clocks are all priced at $39 USD each and can be had from Firebox.

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One Response to “Super cute Lego minifigurine alarm clocks”

  1. John Hinman says:

    Toys that are also alarm clocks, nice for kids to have fun with their clock.

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