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Biodegradable lubricant sheets makes paper shredder maintenance much easier

The paper shredder in your office will need periodic maintenance in order to prolong its life. If your office has lots of junks to shred, then you’ll have to tune it up with some lubricant so it can always stay at good performance. But maintaining the paper shredder such as adding lubricant or cleaning it up is not an easy task, as most people do not want to get their hands dirty from opening the paper shredder to add lubricant and so on.

To make it easy for maintaining the paper shredder, Aleratec have created some ingenious Lubricant sheets that just need you to feed them through your paper shredder for getting the maintenance work done. It’s as simple as that.

Some more the Aleratec lubricant sheets are made of sugar pulp and recycled paper, encapsulates a non-toxic, biodegradable, soybean oil-based lubricant, so they’re fully recyclable that will not bring any harm to the environment. And the best is these lubricant papers prolong the life of the paper shredder. A 12-pack of the lubricant papers just costs $12, and they should last for several years.


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