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Iron Geisha LED watch costs $6.50 only

The TokyoFlash LED watches bring all the confusions of telling time and they’re kind of pricey. If you’re a fanatic of LED watches, the Iron Geisha LED watch will be a better choice than any TokyoFlash watches, as it costs much less, priced at a mere $6.45 each only.

The Iron Geisha LED watch lets you press a button to light up its LEDs to show you the time. It’s a fully functional LED watch despite its low price. The top row on the display shows you the hours while the bottom row shows you the minutes. It also allows you to switch it to “date” mode, where top row is the month and the bottom row is the day. It’s definitely much easier than reading any TokyoFlash watches. So, want one? You can get it from ChinaVasion for $6.45 each.

via chipchick

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