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Double U ensures you always insert your USB the right side up

Of course, you have experienced many times that inserting a USB gadget or USB drive the wrong side up. But if you’re not in a rush for anything, this should not be a big deal, you can always be calm enough to turn the USB device to right side and plug in again. But if you’re in a rush, having to get something really urgent out of the USB drive to present to your boss, you’ll find yourself ending up with many wrong insertions. Of course, the worst is you’ll damage the USB connector as well as the USB port of your computer.

Here comes a new concept, called the Double USB which comes in rescue for any panicking situations so you won’t spoil the USB connector or port. The Double USB concept has been proposed by Ma Yi Xuan which will never let you get it wrong while inserting a USB drive as it works on both sides. So you just simply plug in the Double U regardless which side is facing upward. That’s definitely handy and saves you lot of time, but it’s just a concept that is unsure when it’ll become reality.

via gadgetlite yankodesign

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