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Electro Smile forces your kids to smile

Some kids don’t carry a smile on their face, but the Japanese think that it would be a problem for kids who don’t smile. Thus, they’ve developed a little absurd gadget called the Electro Smile which is simply for “forcing” kids to smile – perhaps this would save the face of parents at public places while your kids always smile, presenting how happy they are.

The Electro Smile works by hooking to your child’s face like a pair of sunglasses and fits snuggly under the chin. It also constantly sends electrical pulses to your child’s cheeks, triggering the muscles to get in the child’s face and forcing him or her to smile.

The device allows for adjustable current, which can be adjusted up to strong enough to make even most stubborn kids to smile. It’s unknown whether it has side effect to those kids, it could be jaw dropping! The picture above looks exactly like a bite counter, which had surfaced a few years ago claiming to help kids grow better or healthier teeth by getting them to bite more a day. So, it looks like the Electro Smile is just a concept or photoshopped instead of a practical device?

via ubergizmo newsweird

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