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12 weird yet simple Japanese gadgets that make your life easier and more fun

Japanese have lots of weird gadgets, we’ve also featured a number of these weird Japanese gadgets. We’ve collected another 12 weird yet simple Japanese gadgets to open your eyes here. Some of them come in very simple form but are entertaining enough for your days.

1. Etiquette Checker

This Etiquette Checker does beyond what a normal breath analyzer can do. It does not only sense your breath for the alcohol level, it’ll also tell you how bad your breath is. This should be a great gadget that you need to have to ensure you’ll be able to win the girl’s heart for your very first date. Check your breath before you go!

2. Push-up counter

Perhaps it is not that easy to count your push ups when you’re doing it. You’ll need the help of a push-up counter that counts how many times you have done. This useful push-up counter is able to count up to 999 consecutive push-ups.

3. Nikken Gakki

So, you want more music fun? The Nikken Gakki is a simple gadget that turns your body into a musical instrument. Basically the device just needs the user to hold it on its two electrodes. You can play this with your partner, each of you holding the Nikken Gakki, and touch the body of each other to make music tones. Or anyone who touches you holding the Nikken Gakki will produce nice music tones as well. It’s quite an entertaining device. A clip is also included to open your eyes.

4. Light-up USB warning labels

These are simply light-up warning labels that plug into the USB ports of your computer. The labels are labeled with English and Japanese warnings including On Air, Fasten your seat belt, SOS, Operation in progress, Do not use fire, Empty bus, It’s Warm, Safety first, and Exit. The only useful labels on your computer should only be the “Operation in progress”, “Safety First”. The rest seems not to be so useful as they are all in tiny sizes, although they light up but that wouldn’t be enough to make them noticeable. And some more, we’ll always leave a computer with a USB label that states “Exit” at the exit of a building? Or will the bus driver use a computer to with an “Empty bus” USB label to tell that the bus is empty?

5. Furi Furi digital photo frame

The Takara Tomy Furi furi digital photo frame doesn’t look that weird but it’s different from other digital photo frames that you’ve seen. It’s meant for the kids, which is more fun by simply needing to be shaken to change the photos and the even the decorating frame. There are 170 types of frames for the kids to decorate their pictures with. The Furi furi also features a fortune-teller mode, or a calendar mode, and album mode allowing to have more fun. It’s equipped with a 2.36 inch LCD screen and supports microSD card up to 2GB.

6. 5-second stop watch

This little unusual stop watch challenges you to stop it at exactly 5 seconds. But it’s not that easy you can get it to exactly 5 seconds as once you press the running digits on the LCD display of this 5-second stop watch will disappear, you’ll have to count by yourself up to 5 seconds to stop it. There will be many times you’ll either stop at more than or less than 5 seconds before you can practise up to the most precise stopping at exactly 5 seconds. It’s fun anyway, perhaps helpful for training your concentration.

7. Frendish pocket puzzles

These Japanese metal pocket puzzles are what you need to challenge yourself with puzzle solving whole you’re on the go. Each of these puzzles offers 6 different difficulty levels and based on classic mechanical puzzles gathered from around the world.

8. E-money Wristband

Japanese want their life easier with making payment. Instead of the existing methods such as credit card, cash, they’ve added a wristband that is to be worn on your wrist and allows you to payment at any electronic money store with the Edy system. It can be loaded with up to $600 and available in a number of fancy colors including black, white, orange, green and pink and costs 3,150 yen each.

9. Handheld fan with USB flash drive

If you need a handheld fan to keep your days cool, then it’s definitely convenient that this handheld fan has a built-in USB flash drive that stores you data. Which you can use it anytime to transfer data or snatch any data from any computers. It’s cool which should go to our previous post of 10 disguised USB flash drives, unfortunately, we missed it so we include it here.

10. Samurai toothpick holder

If you’re looking for a more unique holder to hold your toothpicks to wow your guests, the Samuarai toothpick holder should be something quite impressive. But the price of $84 could be little unjustified for most people. It comes in a solid construction of the ancient Japanese sword with great details, holding up to three toothpicks.

11. Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses

Girls who’re worried that they’ll develop more wrinkles on their face while aging, these Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses will come to rescue. These anti-wrinkle glasses provide painless solution to which will keep wrinkles away from your skin although it’s not as effective as Botox. The glasses are available on Japan Trend Shop for $50. It’s said to have “specially-designed ridges which massage and help your skin. It puts gentle pressure on the skin and pushes those sagging eyes back up to where they once were”.

12. Chameleon lamp

This cool Chameleon lamp lives like a real chameleon which changes its color according to its environment. It’s priced around 3,580 yen which is quite a cool one to have fun with.

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