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Electric nose lifter tunes your nose into developing high nose bridge

The Japanese have lots of unusual yet simple gadgets, one that has freshly surfaced is called the Beauty Lift High Nose, which is meant for tuning your nose into developing high nose bridge. The gadget looks a bit like torturing the user, but it seems to be useful for any Asian who have relatively lower nose bridge and want to develop their nose with high nose bridge.

If you’ve heard from some Asian friends, some kids get to have their nose occasionally pinched by the parents or care takers, which is deemed to let them develop high nose bridge. So, this simple Japanese gadget, the electric nose lifter is able to do it without human intervention.

The device is claimed to be able to raise the nose bridge by vibrating the nose and stimulating the bone. The kind of vibration applied to your face is also said to help bone grow or change shape.

This electric nose lifter doesn’t come cheap which costs $144 but it should be much cheaper than having to go for a nose job.

via geeky-gadgets

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