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Touchscreen sports and ski gloves for your iPhone

The touchscreen sports and ski gloves are specially designed to let you operate the touchscreen display of a smartphone with ease, even while you’re wearing the gloves. The touchscreen sports gloves have all the tips of the fore finger and the thumb covered with reflective metallic fabric, allowing you to operate a touchscreen device without needing to expose your fingers to cold.

The metallic fabric is applied on the fore finger and thumb of each glove, which is suitable to be used by left-handers and right-handers effectively. There is also rubber coating on the palm and other fingers of the glove, providing better grip for your previous iPhone, iPod or other gadgets. And of course, an excellent grip also lets you operate a touchscreen device as good as while you’re not wearing gloves.

The Touchscreen sports gloves are available on Firebox for $32 a pair.

The Touchscreen ski gloves are meant for those who love skiing or snowboarding and would like to carry an iPhone with you, so you can make or receive calls during emergency. The Touchscreen ski gloves also function similarly to the Touchscreen sports gloves, having metallic fabric on the forefinger and thumb, which can easily be sensed by touchscreen devices. These gloves are what you need to operate your iPhone, iPod, of the touchscreen of video camera, but they’re more expensive which cost $79, due to the thicker materials that are meant to protect you from extreme cold.

via geekalerts

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