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Cisco Diggy Piggy bank gets you to save more

Unbelievably, Cisco, which is better known for its routers and VOIP products, has also stepped into producing piggy bank. Apparently, Cisco wants you to save more during the bad economy time. The Cisco Piggy bank is known as Diggy Piggy which comes in the form of a porcelain porker, which needs you to break it once it gets full.

The Cisco Diggy Piggy has some high-tech elements, knowing how to count American coins. It’s equipped with an LCD display that shows you the order and value of coins inserted. This little Cisco Piggy bank is also great for little ones to start learning the value of money, disciplining themselves to save more.

The little Cisco piggy bank will be available in a number of stores including Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond but the price has not yet been announced.

via gizmodiva

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