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16 unusual iPhone cases or skins let your iPhone be disguised as something else

There are some unusual iPhone cases and skins that want the iPhone to be disguised as something. Here are 16 of them!

1. TV Dinner iPhone case

Having your iPhone disguised and looking delicious in a Bento lunch box with meats, corns and mashed potatoes which definitely raise your appetite. link

2. Sushi-covered iPhone 4 case

This iPhone 4 case claimed to have Sushi covering it, turning your iPhone 4 into a plate of delicious Sushi. link

3. Incipio Rad Game Boy iPhone Case

This iPhone case lets the iPhone think it’s a Game Boy instead of an iPhone. It features realistically looking buttons, 4-way controller and even speaker grill. link

4. R2D2 iPhone 4 case

This turns the iPhone 4 into an R2D2 robot which is loved by the Star Wars fan link

5. Nintendo Famicom iPhone case

Although this is not so realistic looking, but it’s a good effort tyring to the iPhone into a Nintendo Famicom game console. link

6. Chocolate bar iPhone 4 case

This lets the iPhone 4 be a deliciously looking chocolate bar instead of being itself.

7. Rocking cell iPhone case

An iPhone case that turns the iPhone into a piece of rock, which would probably serve as a rugged case that would offer better protection from knocks and bumps. link

8. 80’s Retro mixed tape iPhone case

Lets the iPhone eagerly want to be a retro mix tape of the 80’s. This is best to be owned by those who’ve got lots of sweet and odd memories left in the old days. link

9. iPhone Bottle Opener case

The iPhone is turned into a bottle opener for your beer by the use of this iPhone bottle opener case. link

10. Christmas cake iPhone 4 cover

This turns the iPhone 4 into a delicious looking Christmas cake. link

11. Super Mario iPhone case

Lets the iPhone be the cute characters found in Super Mario Bro, such as mushroom. link

12. Valentine Chocolate Cake iPhone 4 case

It’s too little late for the Valentine’s day this year. But you could reserve it for the Valentine’s day of next year. It’s a delicious looking chocolate cake for your Valentine. link

13. Guitar Foot pedal iPhone decal

Turns your iPhone into a guitar foot pedal link

14. Retro cassette iPhone case

A more realistic looking retro cassette case for the iPhone, which shall bring more of your sweet old memories back. link

15. Sony Walkman iPhone 4 decal

Since Sony Walkman has become extinct, but this decal turns the iPhone 4 into a Sony Walkman, letting you use the iPhone 4 as if a Sony Walkman link

16. Polaroid camera iPhone 4 decal

This turns the iPhone 4 into a Polaroid camera

If you have encountered some other more interesting iPhone cases or skins that meet what this post says, please feel free to leave your comments below to let us know.

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2 Responses to “16 unusual iPhone cases or skins let your iPhone be disguised as something else”

  1. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Even all cases awesome but i like Super Mario case because this is my favorite game.

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