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CalypsoCrystal crystal docks charge your iPhone in a luxury style

CalypsoCrystal has rolled out its Crystal Docks that will add some luxury styles to your iPhone while it’s being charged on the crystal dock. There are three styles of these Crystal iPhone docks which are Beau, the Celestia and the Dune, and each is priced at as expensive as a 16GB iPhone 4, $199. As each crystal dock is specially made in Europe, in the form of handmade and handcut pure crystal glass; sporting their own finely etched designs, and polished to absolute perfection.

There is also a limited called the Aurora, which outshines the rest, featuring a hand-done platinum paint job over an intense polish job on the crystal. Only 999 of the Aurora Crystal dock are being made and each comes in a unique design with no exactly like the other. And of course, the limited edition of the CalypsoCrystal Crystal iPhone dock costs you more, at $349 each.

via chipchick

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