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Necono stripey cat with built-in spy camera

Spy cameras can hide in anywhere. So, there should be no surprise the Necono, a little stripey cat comes with a digital camera built into one of its eyes. The Necono cat was made by the team up between Japan’s Powershovel and Scandanavian designer Lisa Larson. It’s got magnetic feet, allowing it to stick on any metal surface to snap pictures of any passers-by.

The Necono camera cat also has built-in timer and interval modes, allowing it to take pictures in any preset intervals. One eye of this cat is a spy camera, while the other is a self-timer LED indicator. It also has USB and AV out connectors, allowing it to download photos to computer or connected to a TV or larger display for playback of those photos.

The Necono cat has a camera that is good for 3 megapixel of still images and 640×480 of videos, recorded onto microSD card. It also features “vivid color” and “bitter black and white” modes, to create different effects for images. It also comes included with a base, which lets you attach the Necono on it for impromptu playback of photos or videos. Cool! If you want one, you can get it from Superheadz for around $190 each

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