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H2O shower powered radio

For those who take long or a number of showers a day and would love to be accompanied by music or your favorite radio stations during shower. The newly announced H2O Shower Powered Radio will be a perfect gear for you. The device works as what its name suggests, it’s simply powered by water which requires no battery replacement; and of course it’s waterproof!.

The H2O Shower Powered Radio needs to be powered by the force of running water. The running water drives the built-in generator that generates electricity to charge the internal battery of the radio. Apparently, this water-powered radio is meant to be fixed to a shower hose. The video below shows how it’s supposed to be connected to a hose. And it’s also claimed 99% fit for shower.

It’s now available for £35 or around $58 USD through the retailers. It may only fit the shower hose in Europe, perhaps you’ll have some problems to get fixed to a hose in the US.

via technabob

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