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It’s another UV cell phone sanitizer, the CellBlaster

Cell phone will get lots of germs as your hands will be touching food, cash notes etc, which will then pass all the dirt and germs onto your cellphone. Some more, if you have an attractive and advanced smartphone, it’ll surely be passed around to many hands of your friends or colleagues to have a look at what’s so interesting about your smartphone.

In order not to let those germs stay and grow on your cellphone, all you have to do is to make use of a little device called cellphone sanitizer to zap germs off. The CellBlaster UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is another phone sanitizer that makes use of UV light to kill germs.

The CellBlaster looks like a little coffin for your cellphone to “rest in peace” but of course, you do not have to let your cellphone lie in it for too long. What you have to is to lay the phone in the CellBlaster, close the lid for 30 seconds and germs shall then be killed. The CellBlaster also comes in a small and compact size, which is simply like a little makeup compact that you can leave in your handbag to bring it along anywhere you go.

The Cellblaster UV sanitizer also promises to kill 99.9% of the germs, viruses, and bacteria on your phone. It also has a small gap that lets you charge your phone while cleaning it. Unfortunately, there is no pricing information at the moment.

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