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Augmented reality Magic mirror is a great makeover tool on your iPad 2

iPad 2 is currently the hottest gadget, apps will start surfacing especially those tapping on the new features of the iPad 2 including the two cameras that were not available on the iPad. Augmented reality is the technology that has existed on the iPhone which requires the camera to capture images and to be superimposed with reality or other virtual images.

The AR Magic Mirror app is what makes use of the iPad 2’s camera to capture you picture and let you decorate or modify your own picture with extra fun such as adding mustaches, glasses on your face.

The AR Magic Mirror app is also a great makeover tool that lets retails selling beauty products to let customers to try out different makeovers before making a purchase. You can also use it to test how horrible your face will look while preparing for Halloween makeover, although it’s a little too early for Halloween now. Some other interesting augmented reality apps that have worked on the iPhone can also be ported over to the iPad 2, making it more fun. Watch a clip below showing how it works.

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