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evoMouse lets you mouse by moving your fingers

I’m still more used to using a mouse instead of the touch pad, track pad or the touchscreen of a computer or tablet. Perhaps, I’m one who can’t adapt easily to new ways of mousing or moving cursors on the computer screen, such as using the touchpad or trackpad. But there are many others that prefer using touch pad or track pad, or by just moving their fingers instead of using a computer mouse.

The evoMouse is a “special mouse” (if you still insist it’s a mouse) which lets you move your fingers to control the cursor on the screen of your computer. The evoMouse just sits on your desk, just above where you normally pushing a mouse, so you just have to move your fingers on the desk, and the evoMouse will track the movements of your fingers. The movements of your fingers will then be translated into cursor movement on screen; moving your fingers on your desk allows you to scroll or drag files or even access the context menus.

The evoMouse can be connected to a computer via USB or Bluetooth, if you wanna be from tangling wires. It’s also compatible with styluses allowing you to use it as a portable tablet. And it also features handwriting recognition that allows you to scribble your words and get translated on a tablet or computer. Currently, the price and availability are not yet known. Watch a clip below showing it in action.

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