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Stereolizer app turns your iPad into a mini HiFi stereo with capability of tuning into Internet radio stations

iPhone or iPad can be anything useful and fun, thanks to various iOS apps. The Stereolizer is an iPad app that displays a mini Hi Fi stereo right on your iPad screen and allows it to act exactly like a mini stereo system that’s found in the 80’s. You can hook up two speakers, one at the left and the other at the right, making it a complete mini HiFi stereo.

The Stereolizer iPad app does not just stop there displaying an image of a retro stereo. It also packs a number of features including the ability to tune into 10,000 streaming web radio stations and letting you manage your favorite stations into 3 presets of 10 radios each.

You can also record to virtual tapes from the radio or audio messages via the built-in mic. It also mimics the common functions of a retro stereo, such as you can eject the virtual tapes after finishing your recording, to view and classify, remove or rename them using the iPad keyboard. The Stereolizer is available on iTunes for $1.99.

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