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Handsfree stand lets the iPad float in the air, for easy reading it in your bed, kitchen and more

There are many situations that you want an iPad stand that is able to hold the iPad with different unusual angles. Such as while you’re lying in a bed or a couch, you may want the iPad float just above you. While you’re in the kitchen preparing some food, you’ll want the iPad at a little distance away but is close enough and at the same level with your face, so you can read it easily.

The few pictures shall clearly explain the situations, and the Handsfree iPad stand is specially made to adapt your uses for the mentioned situations. It lets the iPad float in mid-air which allows the iPad to be used for reading books and instructions, watching media, in bed, while you cook or more.

The Handsfree stand also has a versatile ball-socket pivot point which lets you easily angle or swivel the iPad to your preferred viewing angle. The Handsfree stand is currently just a prototype, the developer is still looking for funding for it over at Kickstarter. A finished product shall cost $80 each but it’s now available for a pre-order price of $50 only.

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