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Beer opener with built-in cap catcher

Some beers do offer contests letting you win big prizes but needing you to collect their caps with special logos or symbols, in order to enter the contests. The regular bottle opener does open your beers without any problem, but dealing with bottle caps will be a headache using a regular bottle opener. Most of the time, the cap will just drop down in front of you or bounce somewhere, missing and you’ll forget collecting the cap.

If you’re a cap collector or you wanna keep your living space free from bottle caps scattered around, this ingenious Beer Opener with cap catcher definitely comes in handy. As shown in the picture, the beer opener features a built-in cap catcher that is able to hold up to 30 bottle caps. So, opening beer will no more be causing any mess. And you’ll not miss collecting any cap that may lead you to winning any contest with great prizes.

There is no price for this beer opener yet. A clip is included below showing the beer opener in action.

via uberreview

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