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Avi Stylix iPod or iPhone docking station streams Netflix

If you’re an addict of Netflix movies or episodes, you can stream it right over an iPod or iPhone docking station, which is called the Avi Stylix iPod / iPhone docking station. The device is equipped with an 7-inch LCD display that might be too small for any comfortable watching of Netflix episodes. But it’s better than nothing.

The Avi Stylix iPod / iPhone docking station has a dock connector for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It also has twin 2-watt speakers, a USB port, an SD card slot and a remote. Since it allows you to stream Netflix, it actually depends on the Internet connection of your iPhone or iPod Touch as it does not have built-in WiFi. For a price of $100, it might not be a bad choice for your guest room.

via engadget

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