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Zagg outs ZaggMate Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad 2

Remember the ZaggMate keyboard case which turns the iPad into a laptop? Now the iPad 2 has been released, Zagg’s ZaggMate case has managed a catch up by entering into its generation 2, a ZaggMate case that suits the thinnest iPad 2.

Similar to the ZaggMate case for the iPad 1, the new ZaggMate case equips the iPad 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard and lets it act like a laptop. So, ou can be much more productive in typing than using the virtual touchscreen keyboard.

The ZaggMate iPad 2 case has a lift-up stand which lets you easily position the iPad 2 in landscape or portrait mode. The ZaggMate iPad 2 case is priced higher which costs $99, while the older version is priced at $69 only.

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