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Bluetooth headset doubles up as a spy camcorder

Here comes an unusual Bluetooth headset. In addition to pairing with your phones, working as a Bluetooth headset, it can be used to record video on the go. This Bluetooth headset packs a mini video camcorder which should be great for any of your spy actions.

The built-in video camcorder of this Bluetooth headset is capable of recording at 480p resolution at 30 fps. And it’s also able to wirelessly transmit an MPEG4 recording to an Android smartphone or iPhone. Apparently, you can use the smartphone screen as the viewfinder, while shooting any spy videos and the camera arm can be adjusted to keep the person of interest in the view.

The device comes with an AC adapter and a USB charger. On a full charge, it’s able to record video for up to 4 hours and offer talk time of 10 hours (while used as a headset). If you wanna use this Bluetooth headset with your iPhone or Android device, it’ll need to run at at least iOS 4.2 or higher, or Android 2.0 or higher respectively. And the app can be downloaded from iTunes store and Android market respectively. Want one? You can get it from Hammacher for a pretty expensive price tag of $200.

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