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Casio G-SHOCK Bluetooth watch for your mobile phones

We’ve featured a number of Casio G-shock watches but they’re all plain watches only. But now, Casio has a more interesting G-Shock watch that does beyond what a regular G-Shock watch does i.e. by being able to pair with your mobile phones via Bluetooth so you can be alerted of incoming SMS, emails or calls by the G-Shock watch on your wrist; without having to take the phone out of your pocket.

The Bluetooth G-Shock watch is able to keep its time synced with the time all over the world. And of course, it uses the connectivity of your mobile phone to keep its time in sync. This is handy, so wherever you go or travel across multiple timezones, you do not have to adjust the time on your Casio G-Shock Bluetooth watch. It adjusts itself automatically as long as it’s able to pair with the phone. And the Bluetooth watch uses the low-energy Bluetooth profile that is supposed to last 2 years on a single-cell ion battery.

via technabob

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