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Wasabi wooden iPad 2 case

Some wooden cases are deemed hot and sexy so they deserve the name “Wasabi”! If you’re a Japanese food lover, you should have tasted Wasabi, it’s hot and even burning inside your mouth with the burning sensation flowing up through your nose bridge, finally hitting your brain!

Here are the Wasabi wooden cases for the iPad or new iPad 2. Do they really look so hot allowing them to deserve the word “Wasabi” in their name? Instead they look more like a chopping board that your mama loves! These Wasabi wooden iPad or iPad 2 cases are accompanied with five ukiyo-e, which is the famous woodblock print in Japanese’s 19th century artist Katsishika Hokusai. The wooden case itself is made with African Mahogany which shows beautiful wood texture.

The downside of the Wasabi iPad 2 case is it’ll add certain weight to your iPad as it’s a piece of wood, looking pretty solid that will add some weight. It’s priced at a hefty price around $272.

via hardwaresphere

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