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Nespresso PIXIE machine – a desktop coffee maker

If you always need a cup of coffee to keep you awake for your work, the Nespresso PIXIE machine will be the right coffee maker for you. The Nespresso PIXIE comes in a compact size that shall fit nicely on your work desk. This machine is the product of Nestle, which is the smallest coffee maker in Nestle’s line.

The Pixie works similarly to other coffee makers, you just have to fill up the water reservoir with water, pop in one of the coffee capsules and put a cup or mug under the spout to wait for the coffee.

The PIXIE is able to sit right on your work desk without taking too much space due to its compact size. So whenever you need a cup of coffee, you just need to be sure the reservoir has sufficient water, so you can just stick your mug under the spout. It needs only about 25 seconds to heat up to reach the proper temperature and consumes 40% less energy than similar-sized coffee makers. If you want one, you can get it from for $250.

via ohgizmo

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