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Japanese smart fire extinguisher, SAT119 – just throw it to put out the fire

Japanese have always designed some handy gadgets. They simply wanna make life easier, such as a fire extinguisher is not a device that everyone knows how to use. A regular fire extinguisher will need you to unlock its safety lock which may need you to have some training before actually using it. And some more, you’ll probably use it once or a few times in life, so you’ll have forgotten how to operate it when coming to having to extinguish a fire.

With all the complexity with a regular fire extinguisher, the Japanese hae designed something that is much easier to use, called the SAT119, which is a fire extinguisher that just needs you to throw at the blaze to put the fire out.

The SAT119 fire extinguisher actually relies on the chemical mix that reacts instantly when it’s released from its container. The blue liquid, once released from its container, basically releases CO2 that snuffs the oxygen right out of the fire. The SAT119 is good for extinguishing a small area on fire. If the involved area is big, you’ll have to throw a number of the SAT119 on it or you’d probably dilute it and put the blue liquid into another container to spray it over the burning area.

As shown in the picture, the two small packets aren’t ketchup for your sausages, they’re actually potassium carbonate that can be used for putting out fire caused by cooking oil accidents, that could possibly burn your house down. Of course, you must keep the SAT119 out of children to avoid them accidentally swallowing the blue liquid! The SAT119 can be had from for around $70 USD.

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