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iPhone turntable dock converts vinyl into iTunes music

Your papa or grand papa has a number of boxes of vinyl of those great records of Elvis Presley, Beatles and you wish to convert them into MP3 files to play on your iDevices. Yes, you can do it using this iPhone turntable dock.

But sorry, it’s just a conceptual device at the moment, created by designer Olivier Meynard. So, someone who loves this idea may want to invest in it and mass produce it to make it real.

The iPhone turntable dock has a silver-platter and tone arm on the left side, while on the right side is a dock for your iPhone to sit in it peacefully. You just need to press a surface-mounted button to get the turntable to play a vinyl disc, and it’ll automatically convert the music into digital and send it to your iPhone. The device can work as a standalone system as it comes completed with amplifier and speakers. Unfortunately, it’s just a concept sounding too good to be true.

via yankodesign

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