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Sauna Pants get real hot to burn some fat on the abdomen, waist or hip area

You want to get rid of excessive fat on your abdomen, hip or waist area but there should be no easy way on specifically addressing one area of your body. But now the Sauna Pants can help, what you need just put the Sauna Pants on, just like wearing them as any regular pants.

The Sauna Pants vibrate and produce some heat to burn the excessive fat on areas including abdomen, waist, back and hips. According to the product page, the pants do as follows:

Lose excess water weight fast! The vibrating, 95-160° temperature controlled sauna pants help you quickly lose excess water weight in targeted areas – abdomen, waist, back and hips – through sweat release without leaving home. Simply turn dial to desired temperature, sit back, relax and enjoy slimming benefits. Unisex. Waist adjusts 28-54″. UL listed. Polyester, nylon, 18 x 1/2 x 56″.

Available on Taylorgifts for $39 only.

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