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iHome iA63 app-enhanced iPhone speaker dock

It’s iHome again, having released an app-enhanced speaker dock for your iPhone or iPod. Called the iHome iA63, the device features built-in alarm clock, FM radio and a dock for docking your iPhone or iPod to play music from it, as well as charging it.

The iPhone or iPod docked on the iHome iA63 can be turned into a portrait or landscape position to suit various applications. The iA63 also comes with a remote control. The alarm clock function allows you to sleep and wake with the music on your iPhone/iPod or the FM radio.

It’s an app-enhanced device which allows it to work with iHome+radio and iHome+sleep. It has Reason8 speaker chambers which are high-end drivers that deliver good quality of sounds. It’s compatible with most iPhones and iPods. If you want one you can grab it on iHome for $100 each.

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