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BIG Fone tablet doubles up as a giant smartphone

The screen of a 4-inch smartphone might be too small for most users, thus there is a need for a larger device to carry out certain phone functions. Here comes the BIG Fone, which is actually a tablet but packs the capabilities of a phone.

In fact, BIG Fone is still a tablet but only providing an additional slot at its back, allowing you to slide in a smartphone, so you can make use of the functions of the handset. The BIG Fone is able to work with iPhone, Android smartphones and Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

It has a 10.1-inch screen size, and basically it relies on the smartphone’s OS to let it function as a tablet. Some more it can have a PC module plugged into it to turn into a Windows or Linux tablet.

So, if you want a larger screen for your readings, browsing and other work on the go, the Big Fone is quite a good choice and it eliminates the hassles of having to bring two devices – a tablet and a phone.


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