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HEX Vision Metal iPod Nano 6G Watchband

If you can’t afford a luxurious watch for some reasons, you could then transform your existing iPod Nano 6G into a watch using a more luxury-looking watchband. There have been a number of watchbands for the iPod Nano 6g which turn it into a watch. The HEX Vision Metal iPod Nano 6G Watchband is another watchband from Hex, which looks more solid than other watchbands that we’ve seen before.

The HEX Vision Metal iPod Nano 6G Watchband comes in a stainless steel finish. The watchband is fully coated with high grade coating that will increase the lifespan and durability. It features a clip in clip out design making installing and uninstalling the Nano 6G onto this watchband super easy. Best of all is it makes your Nano 6G look like a real luxurious watch.

Want one? You can grab it from ShopHex for only $60 each, a price that is much cheaper than getting a luxurious watch that usually needs you to folk out more than $200 USD.


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