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Wearable speaker vest lets you blast your favorite tunes on the run

You can’t live without music and you always want music to accompany you everywhere you go and you’d like to show off what your favorite music is to people surrounding you. Here comes the Speaker Vest which is just what you need.

Apparently, the speaker vest is meant for those who’d love to blast their tunes aloud while they’re on the go. Simply put on the vest and ad hook up an MP3 player or your iPod, iPhone via its standard 3.5 mm headphone jack then you’re good to go blasting your favorite tunes loud.

The Speaker Vest has been designed by Joey Andolina which is equipped with two amplified motorcycle speakers and an 8-inch Boss Audio Bass900 subwoofer. The combination of these speakers shall deliver you great quality of sound and they shall give your back a little of massage due to the vibration of the speakers and the woofer.

The Speaker Vest is equipped with a battery belt which holds a 10-cell rechargeable battery that powers the vest. Want the speaker vest? It’s not cheap at all, sets you back at $900 and is available on Etsy now.

via technabob

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