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Two cool iPhone 4 cases – Brushed Aluminum Gasket case and i-Handbag purse style case

There are a number of cool iPhone 4 cases that you may wanna get your existing iPhone 4 to dress up with before dumping it for an iPhone 5. If you or you have a significant other who works in the machinery or mechanical industry then the Brushed Aluminum Gasket iPhone 4 case will best suit your or his taste.

The Gasket iPhone 4 case is shaped like a vehicle gasket. There are holes made exclusively to reveal the Apple logo, camera, text and trademark. The Gasket iPhone 4 case is also available in a number of finishes including silver, black metal bronze, grey and gold which each suits different mechanical taste. The Gasket case is available on id-case for $30 each. It comes with free screen protectors for both front and back of your iPhone 4, protecting it from scratches, dust etc.

The second iPhone 4 case is the i-Handbag purse style iPhone 4 case, which is perfect for girls who’re used to carrying a handbag on the run. It also comes included with a cable manager that’s shaped like an apple, useful for organizing earphone cable from tangling. The case has openings on the charging port and earphone plug but unfortunately it seems to have blocked the volume buttons.

If you’re a stylish woman on the go, this handbag style iPhone 4 case will definitely suit your everyday fashionable outfit. Unfortunately, this handbag style iPhone 4 case is not yet a finished product, it’s just a conceptual design, by Korean designer called Jin-Woog Koo. source

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