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Mother’s Day gift ideas for high-tech moms

If you have a high-tech mom, who loves to digitize some oddies or documents, here are some great gadgets from ION Audio that will make up great gifts for your mom for the coming May 13th.

The iON Copycat Scanner – This is a compact, portable, handheld scanner that allows your high-tech mom to easily scan any documents, photos, recipes or receipts encountered in her daily life. It’s useful as whenever your mom happens to see a great recipe on a book or magazine, while she’s hanging out with friends, she can quickly take the handheld copycat scanner out and scans the page so she’ll never forget about the great recipe later. And you’ll get to enjoy the great food, a result of the great recipe. Images scanned can be stored on microSD card.

The Slides 2 PC Express – If your mom is a housewife, then she’ll have some free time helping your dad or granny to scan some precious photos, digitize them into digital copies which can be shared online such as Facebook, Instagram etc. The said device is pretty easy to use – just a touch of a button allows for the scanning and transferring the slides/negatives to your PC or Mac. And you can then transfer them to your Android smartphone or iPhone to upload to Instagram! It also comes included with the Media Impression software, allowing you to create beautiful and unique cards and prints.

ION Quick Play LP – If you mom loves vinyl, then now she gets to digitize them and transfer them to her iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones/tablets for listening while she’s cooking. The Quick Play LP just does the job well for you. It offers playback for 33, 45 and 78 RPM records, comes with easy to use software for Mac or PC and an easy step by step guide, guiding you how to transfer the converted songs to iTunes then to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

ION Tape Express If your mom still has a huge collection of cassette albums, it’s time for her to convert all of them into digital music, so she can enjoy them on her iPhone, iPad or iPod. The ION Tape Express is what your mom needs to convert her huge collection of music on cassettes to iPod or other MP3 players. It comes included with easy-to-use software and USB cable for the ease of use.

All these gadgets can be found on iONAudio website and respective stores such as Amazon, PC World etc.

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