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StandScan lets you scan documents on the go with your smartphones

There are times that you wanna scan some documents, brochures while you’re on the go. Here comes the StandScan which lets you scan all you need with your smartphones. The StandScan lets you scan any documents with your smartphone’s camera i.e. having your iPhone or Android smartphone placed on top of the standscan as shown in the picture, you can then scan and store the images of any documents.

The StandScan also doubles up as a lightbox for taking photos with your smartphone or digital camera. It features LED technology that provides awesome lighting, elimintating shadows of images, great for scanning and taking photos. It just needs to be powered by a 9-v battery and is priced at $30 USD only.

The drawback is some might consider it’s not portable enough to bring along but it’s definitely lightweight enough for you to carry around. A cheaper solution for you just wanna scan and store scanned documents on your smartphones. Well, who don’t carry a smartphone these days?

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