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Tips on Décor Single Apartment

It is a fashionable way to live in a single apartment for those single man or single woman. The full-future single apartment can be warm, modern, simple and some special styles. At the same time, home furniture is important for décor. Single apartment at best embodies both the taste and specific character of the owner, without considering the safe of kid and different ideas from other family members. Just decorate it as you like. I will show you several different styles of the single apartments as follows.

If you have an apartment with only 50 square meters, and want to have kitchen, bedroom and living room ordered well, even dining room. Without any door, rooms partitioned off by some simple partitions like grill or network wall and table. You have not to decorate the single department luxury and modern, but warm and simple. Also the furniture sets should be simple in style and delicate shape. It will give users bran-new tastes and feelings. I, personally, think it is goodness for white-collar workers, regardless of woman and man.

If you want have single apartment with a little bit luxury and modern. A full-floor penthouse apartment, however, it does not like living on the top of the mountain, just living in the mountain. Add two big windows to ceiling, so apartment would have great vision and full of sunlight. And the light, delicate and fashionable furniture are full of imagine and passion, which can help you to create unique living space.

The model would show you the design of whole apartment. Kitchen and dining room should settle in the same room to save more space. Only the bathroom needs a door. TV install on the wall in the bedroom so you can stay in the bed and watch TV when you are alone at home. If you like decorating apartment like this, less furniture you have, the better it is. The complicated furniture would take up most space and crowd the room.

Form what I said above, we many have concrete ideas about the single apartment décor. But, there still are some skills we need to know as follows:

1. The level sense of space. A department must have all roles even you live alone. Living room, bedroom, bathroom and dining room, all of them cannot lack. Door model again small, also order all rooms in such a limit space. So the level sense of space is important. Using partitions rich equipment of space, make the internal and external space of home more exquisite and more refine.

2. Good color scheme. Color respect: the nature that is a feature sedate, simple but elegant is tonal predominate. Color scheme of decoration should not be too bright, but keep simple. Because the limited space, varieties of color will make you feel dizzy uncomfortable. The simple but elegant color makes the room politeness and loveliness.

3. Doors are rarely uses. An open space makes the room makes the limited apartment not that crowd. However, the door will make the room like some closed box. So, we use door nowhere except bathroom.

Guess post contributed by Jane Yang, a university graduate and working in the Melodyhome, online furniture store which sales all of your home furniture and home furnishings. She is a writing enthusiast and loves home design and decor. Sharing some good ideals about buying furniture and decorating home online brings Jane much fun.

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